calathea significado espiritual

Calathea: Spiritual Meaning, Etymology and Other Data

In this article, we will explore the most interesting facts about the calathea, its spiritual meaning, etymology and much more.

calathea spiritual meaning

Calathea: Introduction

The leaves of this tropical beauty offer a wide variety of colors and decorative patterns, brightly striped, splashed in cream, golden hues, reddish, silver, etc.

What is the spiritual meaning of the Calathea?

The spiritual meaning of the Calathea is the determination to embark on a new beginning. This interpretation comes from Calathea’s unique ability to open and close its leaves in response to light, a movement that symbolically resembles turning the page or beginning a new chapter in life.

The spiritual meaning of Calathea as a symbol of a new beginning is associated with the idea of ​​”turning over a new leaf” or “starting over.”

Inner exploration

Also known as “Prayer Plant” or “Living Plant”, the Calathea can be associated with spiritual exploration and the search for inner balance. Its presence in the bedroom can be considered as symbolic support for rest and decision-making.

calathea spiritual meaning

When we go to the bedroom, we are with ourselves, and we have to investigate what we really think to make decisions on a daily basis. Therefore, tge calathea has a spiritual meaning of channeling introspection and the search for peace from within.

Calathea: Purify your home

The Calathea and its spiritual meaning is not the only positive aspect of this plant. In fact, there is much to admire of the Calathea.

Like many other plants, the Calathea has the ability to purify the air by absorbing toxins and releasing oxygen. This improves indoor air quality and creates a healthier environment.

Calathea is a perfect plant for the home or workplace, where it will improve the atmosphere. Plus, since they don’t need a lot of light, they can thrive in shadier areas of the home, which is one less worry.

As for location, we can keep them in any semi-shade. Thriving in humid conditions, Calatheas love to be in the bathroom, so it is a good place to place them.

Calatheas have a great capacity to live without too much light as they come from the undergrowth of Brazil, where they develop in the shade of taller trees and shrubs.

Synchronize your circadian rhythm

Circadian rhythms are what our body follows to know when to be awake, resting, what time to eat, etc.

Calathea opens and closes its leaves in response to daylight. This can add a dynamic touch to your home, following a natural rhythm that follows the cycle of day and night. This can help you synchronize with the energy of the plant and maintain a natural order in your life.

calathea spiritual meaning

Remember that, in addition to these benefits, caring for a plant like a Calathea can be a satisfying and relaxing experience, giving you the opportunity to connect with nature in the home environment.

Calathea: Symbolism and Art

Some varieties of Calathea appear to have eyes in the leaves, just like peacock feathers, others have stripes like a zebra. This is why they are sometimes called animal names or compared in artistic contexts.

Calathea: meaning of the words (etymology)

The etymology of the word “Calathea” is made up of two Greek terms:

  1. «Kalos» (καλός): Means «beautiful» or «beautiful» in Greek.
  2. “Theos” (θεός): Means “god” in Greek.

Combining these two terms results in “Calathea,” which roughly translates to “beautiful goddess” or “beautiful goddess.” This name highlights the distinctive beauty of plants in the genus Calathea.

This name reflects the distinctive beauty of plants in the genus Calathea, known for their decorative and attractive leaves, as well as their variety of colors and patterns. The choice of name highlights the unique aesthetic of these plants, which are often grown for their ornamental appeal in indoor settings.