que ver en madeira 3 dias

Things to do in Madeira: 3 day – Itinerary

In this article, we will talk about what to see in Madeira with a 3 day itinerary, tips, experiences, and recommendations to get the most out of your stay.

How to Get Around Madeira

The best way to get around Madeira is by renting a car. I recommend that you rent one to fully enjoy your 3-day trip and get the most out of Hawaii in Europe.

The island is not so well connected in terms of public transport and you can miss many unique moments. It’s worth it!

Car rental in Madeira

This fluctuates greatly depending on the season. In high season, prices are a little high, at least €180 for a week, but in low season you can get the same car for €60 or less.

If you want to play with prices and take advantage of the best season, visit our dedicated article

Let’s talk about the itinerary, ready to discover what to see in Madeira in 3 days?

Madeira: 3 Day Itinerary

Now, let’s get fully into our itinerary to discover what to do in Madeira with a 3 day itinerary:

DAY 1: Monte Palace and Cabo Girao

On the first day of your stay, head to the Monte Cable Car, where incredible views over Funchal and the southern coast of Madeira await.

funchal cable car

Then, since you’re at the top, take a walk through the Monte Palace Botanical Garden, a real treat in terms of nature, endemic species and animals that roam there. Tickets costs €15. It is worth booking to avoid being left without a ticket.

If you prefer not to drive the first day and save a day of car rental, there are also excursions that include transportation.

In the afternoon, check out Cabo Girão. It’s not just that people will look like ants, it’s that even rocks, boats, and other large objects will look tiny. 

cabo girao madeira

DAY 2: Natural Pools

We took advantage of the last day to take a dip. We get in the car and head to Ponta do Sol, a coastal town that lives up to its name, because it is one of the sunniest places in Madeira. Imagine having a coffee with those views!

madeira highway

We are also going to take the opportunity to see the town of Sao Vicente, which has its own charm, although not many tourists know about it!

On the islands the climate can be quite different from one part to another, within a matter of a few miles. In this case, as we move north we will see that rain here is more frequent, and that vegetation is present everywhere.

On my trip, I went to see sea turtles because I love snorkeling, here is the excursion in case you are curious:

Day 3: Hiking and Natural Pools

Finally we go to the path that accompanies the Levada das 25 Fontes for an incredible hiking route through the vegetation and a waterfall that was one of the most beautiful things I took from Madeira in the 3 days, amazing!

25 fonts

It took us 3 hours or so to do the route, and yes, in summer it can be a bit bustling with all the tourists, but it is worth every step. If you prefer something shorter, there is another great option: the Fanal forests, which you can explore in less than 1 hour.

If you have time, go to Porto Moniz, a city with natural pools where you can swim safely in sea water. Furthermore, after a walk as long as the previous one, that moment looking at the cliffs, the sea and the city from the comfort of the pool will taste wonderful.

Afterwards, we can leave our rental car and return home to plan our next trip. And that’s all, I hope it helped you know what to see in Madeira with a 3 day itinerary!