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Pachira Aquatica with Yellow Leaves: Causes and Solutions

Pachira aquatica with yellow leaves can be caused by: low humidity, excessive watering, pests and other factors.


Pachira aquatica, commonly known as the “Money Tree” for its positive association with feng shui, is a popular tropical plant known for its palm-shaped leaves and minimal care requirements.

pachira aquatica yellow leaves

However, even a plant as hardy as this can develop yellow leaves if a problem arises.

Causes of Yellow Leaves on Pachira Aquatica:

Check the following causes why your pachira aquatica’s leaves are turning yellow:

1. Excessive Irrigation:

Overwatering is a common cause of yellow leaves on houseplants, including Pachira aquatica. Frequent watering, heavy soil or undrained pots can lead to root rot, affecting nutrient absorption.

2. Excess Light:

Pachira aquatica does best in bright indirect light. However, excessive exposure to direct light, especially from south- or west-facing windows, can cause yellow spots on the leaves.

3. Low Environmental Humidity:

Native to tropical regions, Pachira aquatica prefers higher humidity levels. In drier environments, especially in winter, leaves may develop brown edges before wilting.

4. Temperature Variations:

Temperature fluctuations, especially near heat sources, air conditioning units, or drafts, can trigger yellow leaves. The plant prefers constant temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Pest Infestations:

Common pests such as mites, mealybugs, and scale can damage Pachira aquatica by sucking the sap, leading to discoloration of the leaves.

6. Normal Plant Growth:

Like Anthurium, some occasional yellowing of leaves is normal as Pachira aquatica grows. If there is new growth and no other signs of problems, there is no cause for concern.

pachira aquatica

Solutions for Yellow Leaves on Pachira Aquatica:

With the following solutions and remedies, the pachira aquatica with yellow leaves should recover the green tone that characterizes its large leaves:

1. Check Irrigation:

If the substrate is soggy, stop watering until the soil dries completely. In extreme cases, transplant and remove rotten roots.

2. Adjust the Light:

If the leaves show pale spots due to excessive light exposure, move the plant to a location with indirect light or use light curtains to filter the light.

3. Manage Temperature and Humidity:

Place Pachira aquatica in an area with stable temperatures, away from windows, doors and air ducts. Increase humidity by grouping the plant with others or using a humidifier.

4. Inspect and Fight Pests:

Check the plant for signs of pests and treat with neem oil if necessary. Eliminate heavily infested parts of the plant and isolate the Pachira aquatica until it recovers.

pachira aquatica


The best way to heal your Pachira aquatica with yellow leaves is to provide consistent care, maintain proper growing conditions, and keep an eye out for common problems like pests.

Acting quickly when faced with any problem is key to preventing its spread. Remember that seeing an occasional yellow leaf on a healthy Pachira aquatica is nothing to worry about. Simply cut it off so your plant can focus on developing healthy leaves.