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Why is my Dracaena Marginata Drooping? Causes and Care

In this article, you will discover what are the causes and solutions of a dracaena marginata with drooping leaves.

The Dracaena marginata is a great addition to any home or garden. With its attractive tropical appearance and ease of care, it is a popular choice for those who want to bring life to their interior space. However, like with any plant, health problems can arise, and one of the most common symptoms in the Dracaena Marginata is the drooping appearance of its leaves.

A drooping Dracaena Marginata can be worrying, but before you panic, it’s important to understand the possible causes and learn how to revive this elegant plant. Below, we will explore the reasons behind your dracaena marginata’s drooping and provide helpful tips for your recovery.

Why is my Dracaena Marginata Drooping?

If a dracaena marginata is drooping, it can be attributed to several factors. Here are some possible reasons that may be causing this problem:

1. Too much watering or under watering

Improper watering is a common cause of drooping in a Dracaena Marginata. Too much water or too frequent watering can easily rot the roots, while too little can cause the plant to dry out. When in doubt, let the soil dry well before watering again.

why is my dracaena marginata drooping

2. Sudden changes in temperature

The Dracaena marginata is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature and cold air currents. This can cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off.

3. Low light

These plants need bright indirect light to thrive. Lack of light can weaken the plant and cause loss of leaves. It is a myth that these plants did not require light.

drooping dracaena marginata

Although they tolerate slightly dark spaces and prefer not to receive direct sunlight, their growth will be slower if we do not provide them with good lighting.

4. Diseases and pests

Insect infestations and fungal diseases can affect the health of the plant, resulting in drooping.

How to care for a Dracaena Marginata with drooping leaves

Now that you know some of the most common causes of this problem, it is time to get to work to revive our plant. Here are some tips related to the care of dracaena marginata that will help you:

1. Evaluate irrigation

Make sure you are providing the right amount of water.

  • Let the soil dry before watering again. Also, make sure the pot has good drainage to avoid waterlogging.
  • It is preferable to water sparsely and abundantly than to water little and more frequently. Its roots will suffer if you constantly moisten the soil.
  • As a general rule, you can water every 3 weeks in winter and every week in summer, but it is best to observe your plant and act according to the temperature, the wind, its appearance, etc.

2. Provide adequate light

Place your dracaena in a location with bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can burn the leaves.

light dracaena marginata

3. Avoid sudden changes in temperature

Move your plant to a location that doesn’t have cold drafts and avoid sudden temperature changes. Remember that this plant is tropical, and that a constant warm temperature (18 – 25 °C) is one of its most important requirements to develop correctly.

4. Inspect for pests

Examine the leaves and substrate for signs of insects or disease.

If you love gardening, always remember to have an insecticide on hand for cases like these. Acting as soon as possible can make the difference that saves our plants.

5. Pruning

If the leaves are severely damaged, you can prune them to encourage the growth of new healthy leaves. Use clean scissors or blades to avoid damaging the plant.

6. Fertilizer

Feed your dracaena marginata with a suitable fertilizer during the growing season (spring and summer). Follow product instructions to avoid overfeeding.

Remember that a plant’s recovery can take time, so be patient. Closely monitor their progress and adjust your care as necessary.

7. Soil

For dracaena marginata to grow healthy and prosper, you should use a nutrient rich soil.


In conclusion, if a dracaena marginata is drooping, it can be a sign of stress, but with proper care, this plant is capable of recovering and returning to its state of beauty and health.

By following the tips mentioned above and providing your dracaena marginata with a conducive environment, you will be able to enjoy its elegant, slender green leaves for many years.